19 December 2007

Classic look at self-overcoming, magick, weirdness, etc.

Cosmic Trigger Volume I: Final Secret of the Illuminati

Robert Anton Wilson
New Falcon Publications, 1991

Too rich to adequately describe here. Definitely worth re-reading, several times. Basically a biographical account of RAW's experiences with the worlds of magick, altered states of consciousness, Timothy Leary, space migration, heightened awareness through experimentation, and life transformation. All that and it was a joy to read as well. The most poignant part of the book is when we learn of RAW's loss of his 15-year old daughter to a murderer and how he dealt with the pain and grief (it was not, incidentally, by calling the murderer names and demanding his execution).

Oh yeah...the final secret of the Illuminati has something to do with becoming more open and loving. Maybe that is how we take over the world...

(I plan to re-read this book and re-write this early review at some point.)

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