19 December 2007

Great sources, flaky Church Universal and Triumphant spin

Kabbalah: Key To Your Inner Power
Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Summit University Press, 1997

I regard Prophet as pretty flaky, yet this book is much stronger than any of her others that I have read. (Perhaps this is due to the fact that much of this book is directly quoted from other, more reputable sources, on Kabbalah--including Aryeh Kaplan and Daniel Matt.)

Her choice of source material is excellent, leading me to want to read more of it, and her interpretation of the material is often insightful (though I can do without the connection of Jewish mysticism to the Ascended Masters and the I AM principle that are central to her Church Universal and Triumphant).

The end of the book provides some practical exercises that I have copied and added to my personal liturgy.

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