19 December 2007

A classic book about chili that runs a bit Texas-heavy

A Bowl of Red
Frank X. Tolbert
Texas A&M University Press, 2001

A Bowl of Red
serves as a history of chili, with a few other chapters added as filler (sort of like pinto beans are to a chili purist). According to Tolbert, chili is an American (not Mexican) dish which has its origins in the "chili queen" culture of late-19th century San Antonio. Texas chili is basically ground beef and chile peppers, with optional frijoles on the side; chilli chefs from other parts of the country, such as those who make the "Greek chili" served in Cincinnati and Springfield, will disagree. Tolbert also provides a few chili recipes, but not enough to make this a cookbook. Interesting book, but definitely a one-time read.

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